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In plasma and laser cladding, thermal alloy powder plays an irreplaceable role. In the field of wear resistant and remanufacturing technology, especially the plasma cladding technology and laser cladding technology industry, medium metal surface powder coating technology, alloy powder is the main factor to determine the wear resistance of cladding layer on metal surface.

Henan igood Wear-resisting Technology Co., Ltd.,  after years of careful research and exploration, the development of suitable for plasma cladding and laser cladding of Igood to a series of wear-resistant  alloy powder, the alloy powder including plasma series ceramic alloy powder and the laser cladding system alloy ceramic powder. These alloy powder have good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, of which each type of plasma alloy powder have different hardness and wear performance, can meet the requirements of wear resistance of different conditions of equipment, laser cladding series alloy hardness in 25~60HRC, can meet under various conditions of wear or corrosion resistance requirements.

Different equipment selection of different thermal alloy powder, Igood wear-resistant series of alloy ceramic powder, there is a suitable one for you. Our R & D Igood wear-resistant series alloy ceramic powder has the advantages of high cost performance, wide range, wide application range, high resistance to wear resistance, high hardness and wide powder adaptation, To provide customers with a variety of wear-resistant powder selection and wear resistant re manufacture of the development of the program. 


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