Road Milling Bits
Henan Igood Wear-resisting Technology Co., LTD is mainly produce road milling bits, the bits for road milling embodies some features: long service life
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Brief introduction:

Road milling bits

Φ20mm and Φ22mm.

The bits for road milling is made of tungsten alloy, hardness is HRA 88-89, the cutter body is made of 42CrMo 
high-strength alloy steelThe washer is made of 65mo material with a diameter of 44mm, which avoids the direct wear of the tool holder, and effectively protects the service life of the tool holder.

Using in asphalt road and concrete road.
Customized is accept. 

Features and benefits:

High cutting efficiency

long service life

Rotate flexibly

Minimize the resistance of the blade in the work