conical picks



Coal rock broken effect of cutting tooth, in the work environment, which should be under high pressure, shear stress and impact load, increase temperature rise will occur as the work time, which can soften the cutting teeth, is a major cause of tooth wear. Picks cutting tooth type, for example, it is generally formed by alloy steel teeth and carbide brazing body. So the service life of the cutter tooth mainly depends on the hardness of the tooth body, alloy and soldering quality.

Henan igood wear-resisting technology Co., LTD in Henan province solve these problems, technicians carried on the thorough research and the underground test, use the following method to avoid the above problems: the tooth body with 42 crmo horniness alloy steel precision cold forging, a molding; By my company independent research and development of tooth plasma cladding equipment, no spark wear-resisting cut on cutting teethon the outer surface of the cone of cladding, high hardness and good toughness strengthened layer, strengthen the wearability of the cones, prevent tooth head in fall off. By my company independent research and development of no spark wear-resisting cut tooth production line, the line can be brazing, hardening, tempering, coherent, simple operation, high automation degree, greatly improved the production efficiency of.

With more than a variety of new technologies, new manufacturing process of cutting tooth greatly increase its service life, and has the characteristics of rocks and the impact does not produce sparks, the industry says the cutter tooth is called "no spark wear-resisting cut tooth".

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