Portable plasma welding machine
Henan Igood is a high-tech enterprise, which mainly produce portable plasma welding machine, hand-held plasma surfacing equipment.
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Brief introduction:
Input power voltage 380V±10% Wear layer thickness 1-6mm
Rated input capacity 30kVA Depth of fusion 1-3mm
utilization factor 60%(20℃) Scanning speed 500mm/min
Output voltage 75±5V Cladding layer hardness HRC60-70
cladding current 250~450A Feeding gas consumption 6-10L/min
Max current 600A Compressed air consumption 16-25L/min
Overall dimension 1195×620×980 Weight 195kg

Main configuration:

1.Main engine
2.Low voltage safety cladding power 
3.Accuracy powder feeder 
4.Silent air cooling system
5.Air cooling plasma torch
6.Meter display & control panel



1. Repair and strengthen all key elements of scraper conveyor. such as middle pane, heads and tails
2.Repair and strengthened the wear parts of shearer, roadheader and coal washer.
3.Strengthened and repair
the cutting drum, crusher hammer, lining board and mixer mixing blade.
4.Produce high hardness (HRC70) wear plate

Features and benefits:

1.Portable machine. it is ideal for field work.

2.Cladding power supply adopts 75V, which conforms to the international safety standard of handheld welding equipment.

3. Precision powder feeder

4.High production efficiency.

5. Alloy layer and the substrate was metallurgical combination

6.High use ratio of alloy powder and good quality of alloy layer.