Powder feeder with Superior performance
The powder feeder has the following features: widely suitable to powder size and material,accuracy, continuous and stable. Now we are proudly well-known brand in domesti c and becoming the lead team in this field.

With the development of surface modification technology,plasma cladding, laser cladding,Thermal Spray and other process are widely used in industrial area and college experiment,and as we all known,powder feeder is the essential part in this process. In order to meet this demand,overcome the shortcomings of existing powder feeder,IGOOD company invented the third generation roller -type series Precision Powder Feeder,with the feature of high precision, accurate capacity, simple structure, non-wear working components, long service life.Especially apply to the laser cladding and plasma cladding equipments.

Hunan University,Huaqiao University, Zhengzhou University,Fujian agriculture and forestry University.Especially,the new developed microscale (1~3g,3~10g)micro powder (nonmetal powder,e.g.800 mesh powdered carbon) powder feeder has an irreplaceable position in many university and research units. We are able to customize our products for your unique application.