Coal mining bits


Coal mining bits  is vulnerable parts of mining machinery.

We make use of our company independent research and development of “Micro-arc plasma precision cladding”, “accurate powder feeding”, “vaporized isogranular alloy ceramic powder”, “IGJR-3 numerical control plasma pick cladding machine tool” to product a new type of cladding pick cutting, the outside surface on the top conic of pick cutter is cladded with the strengthening layer with high hardness and toughness, enhancing the wear resistance of the cone, preventing pick head from falling off early. When brazing alloy head, to make the mcrocellular processing of outside surface and corresponding inside surface of alloy head, enlarging the welding area, strengthen the humidity among the solder, cutting head and body, simultaneously select the America-imported solder and flux, welding strength increased 30%. Additionally, the cutter body adopts one-step forming process of 42CrMo Material precision cold forging, also significantly improving mechanical strength itself.

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