Cold Metal Welding Equipment
Processes: Cold Metal Welding Base Matals: Constructional steels;Ferritic / Austenitic CrNi steels;Duplex steels;Aluminium materials;Magnesium materials;Special materials;Zinc-plated sheet metal;Copper alloy.
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Brief introduction:
The series variable current & voltage cold metal welding equipment that developed by IG company is the special equipment to solve the problem of the wear and corrosion on cylinder wall. The equipment is equipped with a pulse power supply, a special water-cooled torch welding advanced and video monitoring system. And it has the advantages of high degree of automation, good cladding layer and high cladding efficiency. At present, the equipment has been successfully applied in the field of the inner wall of the cylinder, and the application effect is remarkable.
Ideal for Repair & Restoration,Especially the inner wall of the cylinder type/pipe type/oil pipeline;
Material Research & Development;
Wear Resistance & Corrosion Resistance Improvements;
Optimal Part Design by Dissimilar Metal Deposition.
Features and benefits:
&Advanced technology;High power;High efficiency
The equipment is equipped with a new advanced pulse power supply, high power, high efficiency laser cladding。
&Excellent quality of the cladding layer;
No deformation of the construction partsThe dilution rate of the cladding layer formed by the equipment is low, and the coating layer is smooth and regular. The  thermal deformation of the workpiece is small because of the heat input power supply of the equipment is low.
&The wide range of welding materials;
The equipment can be applied to all kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel and other different types of core, solid wire.